What a first quarter ride.

Phew! It’s been a humbling and exhausting couple of months. I’m glad it’s done and over with.
As we (anxiously) wait for the results, I’d like to thank my clients and friends who have been patiently waiting for the exam to be over with so we can continue with work and collaborate and chismis!
Hopefully I don’t have to take it again! Hahaha

First thing I did was get my dust-gathering watercolor set. I’m still a bit rusty but at least I’m…


Back To Regular Programming

P.S. Thank you to my latigo friends who literally stop me from talking so I can continue with studying. And thank you for all your prayers. You know who you are.

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It’s been so long

I didn’t realize that It’s been so since I last posted here.┬áTo those who don’t know, I spent the last year learning and honing my skill as a leathercraftswoman. Since then, we have launched Isa Silva Creations.

But in other news…

Nakakainggit si R! He’s been traveling around the states for the past 2 months. (1 nalang!!!! — halata bang mas excited ako sa pag uwi?) This was a long overdue Christmas, birthday and despedida gift, a customized and personalized suede and nubuck leather sleeve for his tablet. (Mukha siyang ice cream sandwich kung titingnan mo yung layers sa gilid). His name was burned (freehand) by a burning tool. Suede gives the best “burnt” look. Yung ibang leather stuff, not so much. I guess depende talaga sa leather.


I digress. In other news, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been patient while I hibernate/study and those who have been saying, “Yeah sige let’s just talk about my orders after your exam!” or, “Go study first!” I didn’t realize studying (or re learning things) has taken so much of my time. I wish I had my siblings’ knack for studying or exam taking (Aya, Princeton, duh) but all I want to do is make art and make leather stuff. Promise, come May 25, the 2 man factory (R will also be back then) will be back and open to accept your orders. smile emoticon

So thank you for your patience (again) and thank you to my latigo friends who whip me into studying. See you on May 25!

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