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Attending the workshops in Bicol? Here’s a little info on what to expect. 🙂


Drink and Draw:

Each person is capable of drawing, so in case you’ve forgotten how, Drink and Draw is a perfect way for you to revisit your drawing skills. If you claim you have “zero” drawing skills (which I really doubt), D&D can prove you otherwise.
We start each session with creative and drawing techniques. From there I am able to gauge each person’s skill level. Then we work on some drawing techniques. By the end of session I guarantee that you can draw still life.

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Illustrated Recipes:

Here I show you an alternative way of making recipes that you can share with your loved ones. I personally find written recipes hard to follow (or maybe the rebel in me is not too keen on following instructions!) so I draw my recipes in hopes that people understand it better. Cooking and making recipes is a great way to bond between couples and mothers and kids.

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Creative Journaling:
I love journaling but I’ve always had a problem writing. Creative journaling (via drawing, doodling and lettering) is another way of documenting and reliving memories without having to think of the perfect words to say. Why have the need to write when a more colorful outlet is available?

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Each participant will receive a drawing pad or journal. Drawing/art materials will be available for sharing. If you wish to attend illustrated recipe or creative journaling but is hesitant because of (or lack of) drawing skills or because you haven’t held a pen in a long time, I suggest attending drink and draw to warm up.

If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to email me at You may also want to register here.

See you there!

Isa Silva