maARTey’s week with Michael Jackson

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The concept behind my week with various artists is to creatively practice a craft. I also practice and do drills, but the monotony can get discouraging and boring. Doing the weeks with challenges me to come up with funny and punny lines for each day of the week I’m practicing. I’ve done Barry Manilow, Air Supply and Michael Learns to Rock for calligraphy. This week I needed to practice my typography + watercolor + mixed media with Michael Jackson.

Here are some of the photos. 🙂

2014-01-26 21.44.34 2014-01-27 22.32.48 2014-01-28 14.30.09 2014-01-29 16.32.16 2014-01-30 11.05.30 2014-01-31 15.19.33